Anatomical Adaptation Workouts

Your choice of any previous AA Weight Workout. Reduce rest, increase resistance, or increase reps.

The AA period is all about getting ready to train hard. The idea is not to break your body down too much, but at the same time, some break down is necessary for gains. The workouts will produce the breakdown while the supplementation will enhance the gains you realize when your body recovers. It’s important to buy codeine understand that your body does not become stronger during training. Training provides the overload to which your body responds during recovery. It’s only during recovery that your body rebuilds stronger than before.

The critical part of this phase is making it a habit to consume a post-workout meal comprised of simple carbohydrates and protein within 30 minutes of finishing a workout. Your body responds to the stress of your workout and the introduction of these post-workout nutrients by releasing insulin in order to shuttle nutrients to depleted muscles to pave the way for recovery.

A simple, effective way to do this would be to eat a banana and a cup of non- fat yogurt (fat slows digestion and increases the time to generate the insulin response, so it’s best to avoid fat in your post-workout meal) right after training. The optimal ratio of carbohydrate to protein is around 3 to 1 (some say 4 to 1, but this is more appropriate for endurance athletes like cyclists who burn a ton of calories during multi-hour, sustained workouts).

The one problem with eating a solid meal after training is that it takes longer to digest solid foods than it does to digest liquids so this can put you out of your 30 minute glycogen window. Another difficulty with eating solid meals after training is having them immediately available. I don’t like packing a cooler with ice to keep post-workout meals from going bad while I train and trying to spoon yogurt in my mouth while driving home from the gym is a pain.

I recommend a drink with a roughly 3 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein consumed immediately after your workout. You’re likely going to be thirsty anyway, and being well-hydrated improves recovery, helps keep connective tissue elastic, and it is incredibly important for optimal performance.

A carbohydrate such as maltodextrin is probably best, since it causes a rapid insulin response and thereby quickly raises your blood sugar levels, which is what you want during your recovery window. As far as protein goes, I think whey protein isolate is the best because it has high levels of glutamine (which is really good for your immune system as well), it is quickly absorbed, and it tastes pretty good.

A recovery drink is a convenient and necessary component for all phases of training. If you’re not fully recovering from today’s workout then you’ll under-perform during your next workout, resulting in slowed fitness gains. Furthermore, lack of sufficient recovery increases the likelihood of injury and over-training.

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